Bespoke software development and contractor services


Lucidity Software is the limited of company Paul T Davies MSc(Dist).

I have been developing software since 2003 across wide ranges of sectors including automotive, manufacturing, financial, legal and government. I have developed systems for a variety of household names including Volkswagen, Nissan, NatWest and Lloyds Bank.

I offer numerous software development services including:

  • In-office contractor software development following your specifications, application design and development methodologies
  • Updates and modifications to existing legacy systems, including those using supposedly obsolete technologies
  • Design and architecture of applications based on supplied specifications
  • Consultation and advice on adopting various technologies and practices
  • Research into new technologies you may wish to adopt, and evaluation of their suitability for your environment
  • Delivery of fixed-fee, fully bespoke software packages

My main expertise is in Microsoft based technologies such as .Net, C#, ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC. I have extensive database skills in a variety of platforms including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and NoSQL Databases such as MongoDB and RavenDB. I have considerable experience of Object/Relational Mappers such as NHibernate and Entity Framework. I also have experience of other languages such as PHP, Ruby and also legacy languages such as VB6 and Classic ASP.

I have worked in Agile environments so if this is how you work I can fit straight in. If you do not yet use an Agile methodology but would like some advice on adopting one, I can also help with this. I also have experience in Test Driven Development and have helped mentor junior developers with this paradigm.

And if you are using a cutting edge or obsolete technology that no one seems to know, or if you have systems developed in an in-house Domain Specific Language that was only know to one developer (who has since left), then I may be the one person who can make sense of it all.

Please email me at to discuss how I can help you.